Narrative for a Just Society Initiative

Our Narrative for a Just Society Initiative provides facilitation, coaching, and tools to support truthful dialogue and deliberation to unleash the power of community storytelling, remembrance, and reclamation to heal and transform our communities. 

Our current programming includes:

  • Interdependent Democracy Innovation Lab: A community of practice we convene for cross-movement social justice leaders to co-create a strategy to build and sustain thriving, interdependent democracies and recognize, anticipate, and respond to anti-democratic and anti-human practices.
  • Dialogue for Truth, Reckoning, and Repair: Drawing on truth and reconciliation frameworks, we facilitate and support local community members to use storytelling, truthful dialogue, and deliberation to acknowledge unresolved harms, implement meaningful repair strategies, and restore community connections. (Coming soon!)
  • Arts, Culture, & Democracy: We leverage the power of public art, culture, and storytelling to make collective meaning, co-create a more complete and inclusive story of our democracy, and motivate action to create the future we want to live in. (Coming soon!)