Interdependent Democracy Innovation Lab

Interdependent Democracy Innovation Lab is a community of practice for cross-movement social justice leaders to innovate and practice collaboration and embodiment to sustain thriving, interdependent democracies.

Over the course of six months, our group of 24 interdisciplinary, multiracial, intergenerational, cross-geographical leaders will explore the following questions of inquiry:

  • If we accepted our interdependence as a fact, what would that mean for how we define, practice and talk about democracy?
  • How can we transform the paradigm of democracy into something that is working for everyday people, unified in liberatory values, and rooted in the understanding that our interdependence is the key not only to our survival but to our thriving?
  • What are the ways of being together that we deem essential, so that we — in solidarity with community and the environment — can recognize, anticipate and respond to anti-democratic and anti-human practices?
  • How do we engage in strategies to both heal from systems of oppression and survive them simultaneously?

Our learning will generate a framework that will be used to build out a robust set of offerings for how communities can practice interdependent democracy.

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