Resources for finding and creating images for promotional materials

Images help bring your story to life and you can use them on almost all your promotional materials such as fliers, websites, videos, newsletters, and social media. If your program is just getting started, you can use stock photos to spruce up your marketing materials. If you have your own, you can edit them using free tools available online.


Stock photo sites

It’s important to have photos for promotional materials such as fliers or blog posts. Although it’s best to use pictures you’ve taken of your community or at your events, if you don’t have any on hand you can use stock photos. Many websites charge a fee for stock photos, but here are a few resources where you can find them for free:

  • is a place where you can download free stock photos and even leave some if you’re feeling generous.
  • DreamsTime has a section where you can download free, high resolution stock photos.
  • Flickr: Creative Commons a gallery of pictures that Flickr users deemed okay for people to use as stock photos as long as you attribute the photo to them. 
  • is a tool to find icons and graphics. For example, if you’re putting your Twitter handle on your website, IconFinder offers a variety of Twitter’s bird logo for your choosing.  
  • Unsplash is a Tumblr blog full of free, high-quality photos available for you to use however you’d like.


Photo editing tools

If you’d like to boost the quality of pre-existing photos or spruce them up for maximum appeal, try using these tools:

Instagram is a mobile app where you can quickly edit and share an image right from your phone. You can add a filter and border to your picture and include hashtags in the description. Link your Instagram account to email and social networks and share it with the swipe of a button.

There is an option in Instagram’s settings, located on the top right hand corner of your profile, that allows you to “save original photos” onto your mobile device. Once you’ve done this, every edited Instagram picture will be saved to your personal picture roll. This grants potential for on-the-go promotional options, as well as uploading the pictures to your computer straight from your phone. Although you can’t upload pictures from your computer to Instagram, you can still look at your Instagram feed online at


PixlrExpress is a very simple and easy-to-use program. Once you upload a picture you have multiple, self explanatory options to choose from. Pixlr also offers Pixlr EDITOR a more complicated editing program with PhotoShop capabilities. They also offer a simple editor called Pixlr O-MATIC that has basic tools to enhance your photos such as adding borders or filters. All of these options allow you to  save the edited image for no cost.


PicMonkey allows you to create an image combining pictures, text and backgrounds. They offer hundreds of font options and touch up features. For even more creative options they offer the “Royale” upgrade for $2.75/month with more effects, frames, textures and no ads.


Canva allows anyone to craft a promotional piece that captures the look and feel of a professionally designed product. It offers several templates to choose from that you can customize to fit your needs. This tool is great for promotional posters for events and meetings. Most features are free but some stock images cost $1 each.

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