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April 15, 2015

Moving saleWe’re downsizing our office space, and we can’t take everything with us! Now through May 15, some of our most popular discussion guides are up to 65% off:

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Why the move?

Our lease is up at our current location so we’re moving to a new location with a smaller office footprint than we have now.  Decreasing our office footprint allows us to stretch our resources to serve communities across the country.


Where to?

We’re moving to the CT Nonprofit Center in Hartford, Conn., which is a collaborative of non-profit organizations.  The anchor non-profit is the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits. Our new address will be:

75 Charter Oak Avenue, Suite 2-300
Hartford, CT 06106

“We are delighted to move to a nonprofit collaborative space in downtown Hartford, where we will be even closer to many of our local and state partners.” –Martha McCoy, Executive Director



May 29, 2015 is our official move date. Until then, we’re very busy packing!


A brief history of Everyday Democracy’s office moves

The original home of Everyday Democracy, then the Study Circles Resource Center, was in Pomfret, Conn. - a small rural town in the northeastern part of the state. Our founder, Paul Aicher, lived there and owned the property where he located our offices.

Seven years ago, we moved from Pomfret to East Hartford, Conn. This move allowed us to focus on our goal of more intentionally incorporating racial equity into our work, to increase the diversity of our staff, and to work closer to an urban area where many of the issues we work with manifest most intensely. Since the move, we have brought eight new staff members on board who are still with us today, and have worked on several initiatives with the local community on issues such as racial equity, food security, immigration, education, community police relations, and others.

Carolyne Abdullah, Director of Community Assistance, said that the move was a big change in office environment: “I experienced a sense of 'hey, there are other people in the world' when I first came to work in a 19-story building occupied by many businesses and all kinds of people as opposed to working on one floor with six people in Pomfret.”

Over these past seven years much as affected how we work: Cloud computing allows us to have more robust online filing systems, technology has allowed us to incorporate telecommuting for staff to do their work from home, and the use of digital materials has allowed us to minimize what we keep as inventory on our shelves. All of the above offers us the opportunity to downsize our footprint by using less office space. This means we’ll be able to put more resources into community programs and building partnerships.

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Dialogue to Change

Our ultimate goal is to create positive community change that includes everyone, and our tools, advice, and resources foster that kind of change. Whether you’re grappling with a divisive community issue, or simply want to include residents’ voices in city government, Everyday Democracy's Dialogue to Change process, using a racial equity lens, can help.