Everyday Democracy Builds National Momentum with the Addition of Two New Anchor Partners.

June 30, 2021

Parents for Public Schools and Study Circles Aurora - Illinois join Everyday Democracy’s Anchor Partner Network. 

Everyday Democracy is pleased to announce that two new organizations have joined Everyday Democracy’s Anchor Network — Parents for Public Schools and Study Circles Aurora - Illinois. As Anchor Partners, they add to an initiative to center racial equity in reimaging and building the infrastructure our country needs to strengthen democratic capacity for community voice and change. 

Everyday Democracy Anchor Partners are leaders in addressing structural racism, engaging all different kinds of people in public dialogue, and linking dialogue to action and positive change. These partnerships advance effective work in communities working toward a vision of authentic democracy – one that values everyone’s voice and participation, and that works for all people.   

The new Anchor Partnership agreement will both strengthen the work being done in Aurora and PPS chapters located across the country, through technical assistance and capacity building as well as provide value for the entire Everyday Democracy Anchor Partner network through the ongoing sharing of best practices and lessons learned. 

"We are so honored and proud to be an official Everyday Democracy Anchor Partner. Collaboration on this level creates a national chain of inspiration and influence that we can both contribute to and learn from,” stated Cathy Gaddis, Executive Director, Study Circles Aurora-IL. 

"At Parents for Public Schools (PPS), we work to ensure that students are provided a high-quality education and equity plays a major role in making this happen. We are excited and honored to become an Anchor Partner with Everyday Democracy, an organization that we not only admire but one that also fosters hope and works to eradicate structural racism," stated Joann Mickens, Executive Director, Parents for Public Schools.  

As anchor partners begin or strengthen their capacity to coach and train communities and groups in their state or region on Dialogue to Change principles and practices, in using a racial equity lens, and we support them in their documentation and learning.  Through Everyday Democracy, these anchor partners continue to receive capacity-building support, become part of a learning community with other anchors, and become engaged in regional and national efforts to build a movement for equity and a stronger democracy. 

About Everyday Democracy: 

Everyday Democracy is committed to the practice of civic courage and to creating an authentic democracy that works for us all.  Our mission is to help build equitable, participatory democracy at every level of society.  Visit

About Parents for Public Schools, Inc.: 

Parents for Public Schools advances the role of families and communities in securing a high-quality public education for every child. Visit

About Study Circles Aurora-IL: 

Our mission is to bring the forum of public talk to everyone in our community and assist the community and companies to organize by bringing all kinds of people to the table using Dialogue to Change. Visit



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