Everyday Democracy Announces Plan for Leadership Transition

September 15, 2021



HARTFORD, CT - After 25 years of impactful leadership, Martha McCoy has announced that she will be departing from her role as the Paul J. Aicher Foundation President and Everyday Democracy Executive Director as of March 2022. Martha believes that this is an important moment for the next generation of executive leadership to advance the organization’s critical work at the intersection of participatory democracy and racial justice.

Martha has guided Everyday Democracy through several significant periods of expansion and growth. During her tenure, Everyday Democracy has helped to foster and organize multi-racial, multi-generational conversations and community change processes throughout the country, using our Dialogue to Change model. 

“Martha’s leadership helped build a national network of cross-sector leaders and partners committed to advancing a more authentic, just, and participatory democracy at all levels of society. It has been an honor to work closely with such a talented and visionary leader, and I know she will continue to be a partner and a huge asset to the field,” said Miles Rapoport, Board Chair.

“I am excited at the many ways Everyday Democracy is poised to build on all that we have accomplished to make an even greater difference during these pivotal times.  I am proud of what we have achieved together over the past 25 years, especially our impact at the intersection of participatory democracy and racial justice,” shared Martha.

In preparing for this next stage and leadership transition, the Board of Directors has formed a transition committee consisting of board members and staff. This committee will work in collaboration with Isaacson, Miller, a nationally recognized executive search firm. Martha will continue in her role until her successor is chosen.

The Board will be sharing more information through our email list and our website as the search process continues. To refer outstanding candidates for this leadership position, please reach out to Isaacson, Miller at:


*Read Martha's letter announcing her plans to step down here


About Everyday Democracy:

Everyday Democracy is the primary project of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation, a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping communities work equitably and inclusively to build a strong democracy and improve the quality of life for everyone.

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