All Together...Now - A Letter from Martha McCoy

November 2, 2020

As I write this, just one day before our Presidential election, I am reflecting on the significance of elections to our democracy. It is a time when we are called upon to use the power of our vote to select the leaders who will represent us. The importance of using this power cannot be overstated. And while voting is a singular act, it has a multiplying effect. Each of us votes with hope for the future, and we are in this together.  

The power of the vote is connected to the power of using our voice – and to the vital work of finding and using our collective voices. You are supporting this work every day. As you bring people together, you are pushing back on the false “us vs. them” narrative that is trying to drown out the truth of our common humanity.    

You are showing that it is possible for people to come together to listen to each other, to understand the roots of racial inequities, and to take action for justice.  It is more important than ever that we pay attention to the everydayness of democracy – whether that is in our children’s education, our systems of public safety, or our access to health care. In between elections, you are building authentic relationships rooted in respect, inclusion, equity, power-sharing, and mutual accountability.
We will carry our commitment to building civic bridges through this election time and beyond. As you reflect on the meaning of your vote in this season, think about how that carries over into a powerful vision of everyday democracy – where we live in places where we can be heard, where our voices count, where we form relationships across difference, and where we work with each other to create communities and a democracy where all of us can thrive.  

Whatever the outcome of this election, there is much work to do in our country. We are with you now and after the election and stand ready to help create an authentic democracy that works for us all.

In deep gratitude,

Martha McCoy
Executive Director
Everyday Democracy

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